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Feb 18, 2013

Loreal Ideal Moisture Normal Skin Day Lotion SPF25|Drugstore Price For Department Store Quality

OK! Let's cut the long story short. I really wasn't suppose to purchase this because there are about 21378934953 other face lotions piling up in my drawer. But, I have to admit that it's all for the guilty pleasure of ripping out new packaging, and the result is for the new L'Oreal Ideal Moisture Normal Skin Day Lotion SPF25 ($6.99 for 118 ml) to mysteriously (not really) pop up in my hands.

Part of the new L'Oreal Ideal Collection of facial cleansing and moisturizing products, this oil free lotion promises a whopping 48 hours hydration and broad spectrum sun protection.

Infused with a powerful floral fragrance, this is less than ideal for sensitive skin or anyone who dislikes heavy scents.

The user friendly packaging is extremely simple to use but a bit difficult to control the portion that comes out.

Its creamy texture is surprisingly lightweight and easy to spread. The high moisturizing content is quite obvious while working the lotion over the skin. This is very different from the typical cream products that are often thick and heavy. 

1. My bare face with only skincare products.
2. Apply the day lotion all over the face. For the best sun protection, reapply a second layer of the same lotion after 5 minutes.
3. The oil free formula still leaves somewhat of a greasy and sticky finish that doesn't disappear anytime soon. You may want to blot away the excess oil if no other makeup products will be applied.

4. Top it off with a foundation, and there should be no trace of the lotion underneath.

5. Set the foundation with a powdered product.

6. After about 3 hours, the lotion is still providing ample hydration for my skin to keep it from turning into a disco ball. However, I'm starting to see a bit of shine on my t-zone.

And finally at around the 6 hours mark, my skin's natural oil is peaking through. I can't agree on the claim of 48 hours of continued moisturization, but this is nonetheless an effective lotion that provides decent hydration for most of the day.

Overall, you really get the bang for the buck with this product. At less than 7 dollars, this huge tube should lasts for many months. The creamy lotion feels like a skincare treatment on the skin and contributes a modest amount of UVA/UVB sun protection. Although not at holy grail status, this moisturizing lotion should be comfortable for anyone with normal and combination skin. For extremely oily skin, this may be just a little lacking but is still a great choice if you are searching for a budget friendly day cream. And worthy to mention is the sheer consistency, which allows the natural skin to breath through effortless.

Have you encountered a product that delivers day long hydration? Would you believe L'Oreal's claim or is it just a marketing technique? Leave your thoughts in the comments.   ~Angela


  1. great reviews! really helpful! thank you so much for sharing =)

  2. Sounds like a great all-in-one moisturizer overall, but I doubt it would work for my very oily skin :/ Still, I like that it's oil-free and contains a decent SPF (always a waste when they just add SPF15)

    PS: you have gorgeous skin--even without makeup! JEALOUS! :P

    1. Becca, you are so sweet. The computer gives the illusion of good skin. You can even probably still see my huge pores on the first picture.

      This is obviously not the ideal moisturizer for oily skin, but I find that by laying a good toner underneath, I was still able to get it to work with my extremely oily skin.

  3. Great review! I don't believe in Loreal's claim. All those major brands claim those 24hr or 48hr of staying power or whatever is just marketing technique. It's just ways to lure people to buy! :p

    1. Sophie, I feel the same here about marketing of long hours effect. I mean, why does a person needs 48 hours of makeup staying power? By then the face has probably suffocated.

  4. Can I say how grateful I am that you stop by my blog and letting me discover yours? I LOVE IT! I find myself liking a lot of the things you are using and can't wait for more of your posts! :)

  5. Sounds okay but I am not completely convinced, especially not because it leaves a bit of an oily finish. That is the last thing I need! :-)

    1. Melissa, the oily and sticky finish is certainly not appealing. However, apply a foundation or powdered product easily solves the problem.

  6. Hi Angela,

    Your skin is naturally gorgeous! I love Loreal makeup and skincare brand, they are affordable and works well on me. Glad to hear that this product works fine for you especially it gives you that hydration.

    1. You are so sweet. Loreal is a great brand and offers pretty much everything you need in a complete beauty routine without breaking the bank.

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