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Mar 23, 2013

Korres Showergels|Nothing Beats A Steamy Shower On A Cold Night

We've been having quite a roller-coaster weather here in Cali. There were a few days of Spring fever, but the weather quickly faded into the lower temperatures. And the best thing to recuperate from a cold night is by taking a nice hot shower with one of my favorite bath product, the Korres Showergels ($19.50 for 13.53 fl. oz.), which made onto my favorite products list of 2012.

I haven't tried out all the various fragrances yet (looks like Jasmine is a winner with many people), but so far, I've had some fun times with Japanese Rose, Basil Lemon (my favorite scent and smells so clean), and Clementine (discontinued).

There aren't much that I ask for in a shower product other than having a pleasant scent, good lather, and non-stripping cleansing ability (OK! May be that is a lot. That's fine. I know I'm picky). The Korres Showergels pass all these standards according to my book.

At almost 20 bucks a bottle, this is certainly not the most affordable option on the market, but the whopping amount of 400ml should last you many showers. And did I mention that a little really goes a long way. You only need a slight squirt for an amazing bath experience.

This showergel lathers effortless, and if you are using it with a loofah or sponge, you should be able to create loads of foam for the entire body, which is the reason this cleanses so well without stripping away the skin's natural layer. It feels moisturizing on the skin but provides a good wash from head to toe, leaving the skin silky and smooth afterward. Even during the dry Winter months, my skin wasn't dried out after using this product.

The best feature of these showergels is the incredible and non-overwhelming scent, which doesn't smell like a bottle of perfume. The fragrances are fresh, clean, and crisp. There are no strong notes or processed smell that cause me headache. The revitalizing aroma works the best in the morning as a refreshing wake up call to start off a great day.
Now, I have to point out that these Korres scents are really hit or miss. Some, like Japanese Rose and Guava, smell divine, but others, such as Clementine, are just a bit off. If there is one that suites your taste, definitely stock up. Unfortunately, the smell does not linger after I stepped out of the shower, which can be positive if you apply conflicting scented products later on.

For the maximum pampering experience, I like to pair this up with a delicious Korres Body Butter ($29 for 235ml), and it's a fantastic treat for my skin.

Overall, this is a great product that performs extremely well. You get what you paid for so don't be deterred by the more expensive price. This eco-friendly showergel provides good lather and possess strong cleansing power, allowing you to enjoy moisturized and baby soft body.

Test out the different scents before taking one home to avoid getting one that you dislike. And remember to slap on some body butter afterward for that ultimate spa experience.

What is your favorite body wash? Do you have a particular one that you love during the cold weather?   ~Angela


  1. I've tried some of these and I think Japanese Rose is next on my wish list! I don't have a favorite shower gel per se, though some of the ones I really enjoy include Bodhi, L'Occitane almond shower gel, and Aesop ones!

  2. Sunny, Japanese Rose is quite nice. I think the next on my list is definitely Aesop. I've never tried anything from the brand yet but have heard tons of positive things about it.

  3. For Christmas, I gave someone this AWESOME set that came with the hand lotions and body washes and even some Lip Butters! So sad now that I didn't pick up some for myself--the scent of these body washes sound lovely!

    Oh and I didn't realize you lived in So-Cal too, Angela!! Whereabouts are you??

  4. oo, i'd love to try these Korres gels :) Don't forget to enter my I ♥ Makeup giveaway!

  5. Galaxia, I think you'll really love these. They are so yummy and feels extremely nice on the skin.

  6. Hi Angela! I love the look of these... Unfortunately they are extremely expensive in Australia so I'd have to order online (about double the price - and AUD = USD @ the mo!).

  7. These are already not cheap to start with, so double the price will certainly makes me think twice before purchasing. Sarah, have you tried eBay and Amazon? Sometimes I can find foreign brands there that are not outrageous for me to get something (but of course they'd still be more expansive).

  8. memoiselle memoiselleApr 1, 2013, 7:03:00 AM

    I don't have a specific shower gel for specific weather. But now you mentioned it, it sounds like a good idea! I love that you write that this product possess strong cleansing power :)

  9. I definitely switch around my bath products for different seasons. I like to use products that cleanses well without drying my skin during the colder months.

  10. My favorite is the Guava one :)

  11. Sophie, that is a great one. I also love their body butter in Guava as well. Such a pleasant scent.

  12. I love the Mint Tea, Jasmine or Mango one. The Vanilla Cinnamon has that synthetic smell that is headache inducing though so avoid that if you're sensitive!

    If you are ever in Athens airport you can pick these up duty free MUCH cheaper! Great Post!



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