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Mar 15, 2013

Let's Talk Blogging|New FTC Disclosure Guidelines And Google Reader Shutting Down

A review article was scheduled to go up today until some new (and important!) information appeared in my inbox, and I want share them with you.

For those who follow your daily beauty reads via Google Reader, you'll receive some depressing news this week when you pop open the feed reader because the search giant announced closing of its Google Reader (along with several other services) as part of its second round of "Spring Cleaning" effective July 1st. Although not the most popular rss reader out there, Google Reader is still widely used. If you now have to scramble for an alternative, I'd highly recommend Bamboo Feed Reader (Firefox add-on). It's free and is pretty easy to navigate.

This following news is more related to bloggers. It's been a while now (2009) since the Federal Trade Commission originally released its Guides Governing Endorsements, Testimonials, which was quite the buzz back then because bloggers now have to properly disclose monetary and/or product compensation. However, the original version is a bit unclear and confusing when it comes to certain areas of marketing and endorsements. So earlier this month, FTC released the .com Disclosures: How to Make Effective Disclosures in Digital Advertising to provide additional guidance for online marketing, which also includes social media platforms. For a detailed explanation of these new updates, please head over to Nouveau Cheap and Beauty and Fashion Tech. G and Carleen provide some useful information on how to reformat some of your blog articles to adhere to the revised rules.

I've been enjoying reading on the Bamboo Feed Reader, but I'd love to learn what feed reader do you currently use, and why do you prefer it over the others. And for beauty bloggers, how do you think the new FTC policies would affect your blog and PR affiliates?   ~Angela


  1. GFC was always unappealing to look at for me, so I usually follow blogs by following their Facebook. I'm constantly on Facebook anyway so it's a convenient place for me to check for blog updates...

    I'm glad there has been more clarification by the FTC, but it seems Youtubers are notorious for ignoring these guidelines. I have seen Youtube gurus include a bunch of affiliate links in their videos yet won't disclose anything - and it irritates me because it comes off as being very dishonest.

  2. Min, I remember when FTC first came out with the guidelines, Youtubers were following the rules and disclosing everything. However, it looks like many of them (especially a few popular ones) are no longer sticking by these rules nowadays. And that is definitely annoying.


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