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Mar 19, 2013

My Introductory Julep Maven Subscription Box|Classic With A Twist

It may sound strange when I tell you that I never purchased a monthly subscription box (beauty related) until now, even though I'm a beauty blogger. It seems that everyone else is joining this bandwagon of product sampling craziness. Ultimately, I lost to all the temptations, especially when there is a great deal (or when you score a coupon like I did).

I got to try out the much raved about Monthly Maven Box (originally $19.99) from nail polish expert Julep for only $0.01 (+ shipping charge of $3.99).

This little black box is jam packed with 4 products for hands and nails. 

I paid only 4 bucks (including shipping fee) for beauty products that worth at least $40. Keep in mind that if you do order the box at full price, you'll receive a free 3 - 5 days shipping option.

I'm not really a polish junkie, but I've been lusting after Julep products, which offer some very trendy and unique colors that I don't often get from other brands.

A full review on this hand scrub will be for another entire post.

The nail colors definitely got me excited, and they look extremely stunning in bottles.

Barbara has loads of multidimensional magenta glitters, making this a gorgeous and glamorous shade to be used either alone or paired with another color underneath. The sparkles are so shiny and eye-popping, and they don't look like cheap materials that you find in a craft store. However, the texture of this is horrible. It's thin, uneven, and hard to work with. Instead of brushing on the glitters, I had to pad them onto my nails slowly because otherwise, I won't achieve an even finish. To get a decent result, I had to pad on at least 2 layers, which cause the finish to be a bit rough. So Ya! I have a short attention span and quickly got annoyed halfway through.

Barbara, in my opinion, is still a great polish, even though it lacks a smooth application. What I really don't like is Meryl, which is a chic and sleek grey shade with a creamy finish. You can probably tell from the swatch above, it's far from perfect even with two full coats. Again, the texture is extremely thin and runny and gives me such headache when trying to apply this.

However, the finish result is very decent with 3 coats. 

I gave a brief try with the cuticle oil and so far so good. The glass packaging is elegant, and the roller-ball design is easy to use.

Overall, this is a wonderful adventure for anyone who loves nail polishes or simply beauty products in general. Even at the full price a month, this box is well worth every penny. I'm not quite sold on the qualities of these Julep polishes (or may be I'm just unlucky because I know there is a cult following for these), but as I've mentioned, some shades are truly unique and one of a kind.

What are your thoughts about these monthly subscription beauty boxes? Do you purchase a few every month as well? Which one is your favorite so far?   ~Angela


  1. I agree about the formula thing, some of Julep's formula is just off....

  2. I'd say you got great value for your (very little amount of!) money :-)

  3. Jasmine, I'm glad that I'm not the only one who think the Julep formula is weird. It's so thin, which is actually really difficult during application.

  4. Melissa, I think I've definitely got quite some bangs for my little bucks. Even at the full price of $19.99, this is still a really nice deal, but I can never complain too much about a good coupon.

  5. Julep Maven has been all the rage for a while! I'm only experimental about certain beauty products, and nail polishes don't really fall in that category (I cook, so I don't tend to wear nail polishes often). I do like how these two shades layer together, and for 4 bucks it looks like fun!

  6. Sunny, I'm not that big on nails, but I can't resist the temptation of a $4 box. Ya! I love a good deal.

  7. I love the nail polish shades! , pretty ^_~

  8. You made these polishes work, even though they were patience-testers, and I've got to applaud you there! I've never bought Julep. I tested a few out at Sephora dn thought they seemed a bit thin. I know people are ga-ga over them, though, so I'm sure they have good ones (right?!?)! I did Birchbox about a year ago but got fed up when I continued to receive perfume samples (I've got fragrance sensitivities, and I swear every perfum included the deadly words, "sensual" and "intoxicating" AKA "STRONG") and granola bars. Granola bars, y'all? For $12.99, I could get 2 Wet n' Wild palettes and a pot of Carmex! I just signed up for Ipsy after reading a comparison article and should get my 1st box in April. I'm pretty excited! Whoa dude, sorry to novel on in your comments section! :)

  9. Kristen, looks like we have the same feeling that Julep polishes run a bit thin. This is my first experience with the brand, so I'm not sure if the formula is actually thin across all colors (although I have a feeling that it does). But these two are definitely hard to work with. It's quite hard to not get a beauty box these days because it looks like everyone and their moms are getting some (ya, more than 1) but hardly any of them is really worth it for me. I've seen that occasionally, people get full size products but most of the time, I'd rather just save that $10, $19.99, or $20 for a product that I know I will like. But I have heard tons of praises for Ipsy lately, and I'd excited to see what you get for April.

    PS: No worries girl! As you can probably see already, I like to rumble too LOL.

  10. Yay for a fellow rumbler, lol! Woohoo! :) I am in full agreement with you on the boxes - I'd rather take the $ and apply it toward a full sized product I'll love. I will definitely do a post when I get the ipsy box! I think some of the prestige brands like NARS or Too Faced could start their own beauty box programs and make some mad kwan! If you could pay $12 bucks and get all NARS samples? Oh I would be all in for that! :)

  11. thisgirlloveschicMar 23, 2013, 2:54:00 AM

    such beautiful colors!!


  12. I would NOT be happy if I paid 20 bucks and didn't like those polish! Lucky you got a deal on this. I like your final look with the glitter!

  13. Tina, I think this box is really meant for diehard Julep fans. After all, that's all you'll be getting in every single box - Julep products. But for someone who dislikes these polishes, $20 sounds pretty bad.

  14. The Made Up MaidenMar 26, 2013, 2:48:00 AM

    I've been dying to try Julep! Thanks for a great review, you certainly scored a great bargain! Barbara really is gorgeous!

  15. The Unprofessional Beauty BlogMar 26, 2013, 11:45:00 AM

    Then I think the Julep Maven box is perfect for you. I think when you purchase each box, you also get the option to pay $4 more for an extra color.


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