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Apr 14, 2013

Level Naturals Shower Bomb|Spa Aromatherapy Right In My Bathtub

Change of season isn't always the best time for my skin because it's the perfect reason for it to throw a tantrum. And the best remedy for recovery is a luxurious spa experience, which can actually be performed right in the bathroom.

A few years ago, Lush released a collection of emotibombs, which are bath bombs for the shower. I loved the unique concept but since then, the line has been discontinued. Look no further because you can now enjoy the same aromatherapy with the Level Naturals Shower Bomb ($7.99 for pack of 4).

Level Naturals is a cruelty free and environmental friendly brand that carries some very natural bath and body collections. My #1 recommendation is the body soaps, and I've recently ventured into other products as well. What I love about the brand is its simple and sustainable packaging. No fancy or expansive decorations but just pure natural goodies for the skin.

Each shower bomb comes individually packaged in a plastic wrap for sanitary purpose and is easy to store. These are single usage sized, so no other preparation is required to enjoy them in the shower.

To use these, simply drop one in the bathtub under running water (away from the drain). The soothing and relaxing scent of menthol and eucalyptus will fill the entire bathroom, washing away any signs of stress. Then just breathe in and appreciate the power of organic aromatherapy.

The fresh, clean, and earthy aroma is just the right amount and not overwhelming for even sensitive nose. However, for my longer showers (about 20 mins), the fragrance lasted a bit short, but I still gott a full experience for a decent amount of time. Just remember that if your shower head has strong water pressure, do not leave the shower bomb directly under where the water hits the hardest. This ensures the durability of the product.

Unlike most bath bombs, shower bombs don't crumble as easily, which is another plus. If you tend to be quick in the shower, you can divide these ahead of time, so each bomb can last for 2 showers. However, I do recommend to use each up entirely in one go for the maximum satisfaction.

Although not a necessity, it's great to stock a few of these shower bombs for those special occasions to really pamper ourselves. 

They work especially well for a hot shower before bed or for nasal congestion relief. On the days that I pop one in the shower, I sleep much better. The soft smell disappears quickly after the shower water is turned off but a powerful aromatherapy will sure please your body and mind.

Have you ever tried a shower bomb? What about those popular bath bombs from Lush and other brands? And I'd love to learn your trick to battle the cold weather.   ~Angela


  1. Love your blog! Its amazing, you have some great creative ideas :) Thanks for commenting on my blog, I am now following you via GFC. Would love if you could follow back!


    P.S Can't wait to see some more great posts for you!

  2. Thanks Teresa. I'm glad you enjoyed reading my blog. I'm following you as well.

  3. Love the idea of a shower bomb, thats really cool and would be lovely and pampering for the upcoming winter.
    Kayte @

  4. Kayte, this is definitely a really nice idea, especially for those who don't have a bathtub for bath bombs.

  5. I used to work for LUSH and loved the idea of the emotibombs, but always found the scent and longevity lacking. I might try these! I think a minty-citrus one would be especially great when I'm sick or stuffed up.

  6. Audrey, I'm a big fan of the emotibombs. Don't know why Lush discontinued it though. To keep the scent a little bit longer, I try not to leave the bomb where the water hits the hardest. Otherwise, the water splash is going to quickly crumble the bomb.

  7. Lisa @ MidwestGlamApr 15, 2013, 9:32:00 PM

    I have used so many different things for my baths, but never knew such things existed for the shower! Those seem like they'd be so relaxing! And the price is very appealing. I might have to go check this place out.

  8. Lisa, this is not new. As I've mentioned, Lush came out with something similar a few years ago. But it seems that most people like to use bath bombs. However, not everyone takes baths or has a bathtub. This is much easier to use in a standing shower and requires no cleaning afterward. I'm also quite new to Level Naturals, but so far I have yet to encounter a "bad" product from them. And as far as Abe's Market, I would highly recommend it. I've placed several orders with them before, and they are literally like an online Whole Foods store.

  9. Very nice I love the look and sound of these D: they seem amazing! I like Lush cosmetics but not their shower bombs as I prefer a bath bomb especially the comforter in winter :D xx

  10. I love those Lush bath bombs too, Jenny. I think this is more for people who either don't want to do a full bath or don't have a bathtub.

  11. Oh this is fun! I might have tried a bath bomb or two from Lush years ago, but I really don't have the patience for baths and to be honest I find Lush scents rather artificial. I'm a big fan of aromatherapy, so these sound like something I'd appreciate!

  12. Sunny, I totally feel the same as you. Bath bombs aren't really for everyone. It takes time and patience, especially the cleaning up part afterward. It's probably why I prefer these because you can use them in a regular shower. Not messy and easy to use. I do love some of the Lush scents, but I agree that a few smell quite artificial.

  13. I've never heard of a shower bomb but I am loving the concept! Thanks so much for posting about Level Naturals, I will be browsing the site. Looks like they have tons of stuff that I would LOVE!

  14. Great idea for natural spa! Stunning blog post! Hot tubs for sale


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