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Apr 20, 2013

The Skin Regime Boot Camp For Beautiful Skin|Potent And Self-Administered Chemical Peel

There are various options for skin exfoliation, and over the years chemical peel has really gained its popularity. This technique uses chemical solution to peel off dead skin, revealing the fresh layer underneath. Although still an amateur, I've had a fair share of similar skin treatment and have been very fortunate to have never experienced any negative side effects, so when Dana from The Skin Regime contacted me, I grabbed the opportunity to test out her book and the suggested skincare routine, which claims to top even the biggest cosmetics brands out there.

I picked a quiet morning, sat down with some tea, and read through the entire 100+ pages. Well, I'm impressed. There's no medical jargon but simple and easy to understand lessons about skincare, body treatment, and beauty products in general.

I believe that chemical peel, no matter how mild, is not suitable for everybody. Although some (administered by licensed professionals or physicians) work even on extremely sensitive skin, this is still, after all, a potent (and sometimes invasive) skin treatment. But even if you are not a candidate for such procedure, I would highly recommend picking up Dana's book - The Skin Regime: Boot Camp For Beautiful Skin ($8.08). It's a fast and easy read and provides valuable information. She also debunks some popular beauty myths. Without revealing too much content, here are a few interesting points from the book. 

  • When using glycolic peel, start with a lower does and work your way up to a higher percentage to build tolerance for the skin. 
  • Always do a patch test first. Apply a small amount of product to the inside of your arm and behind the ear. You'll see any allergic reactions within 24 hours. 
  • It's common for mild redness, temporary stinging or burning sensation to appear after a peel, and you may have flaky skin for a few days afterward. However, any severe reactions is abnormal, and you should consult a physician immediately. 
  • For mild skin issues, improvement (after a peel) should be visible within 1 to 2 weeks and dramatic changes in 6 to 12 weeks. 
  • Use a non-comedogenic sunscreen at all time and especially after a peel to protect your fresh skin from harmful UV light.
The 30% glycolic peel (glycolic acid belongs to the Alpha Gydroxy Acid/AHA family, along with citric acid and lactic acid) is much stronger than what my skin is used to.

Using a mask brush (purchased at local beauty store), I applied a thin layer of glycolic solution, and burning sensation appeared immediately. Although not painful, it's definitely borderline uncomfortable. The recommended usage time is a few minutes, but I had to wash my face after only about a minute or so before the stinging feeling becomes too overwhelming.

Luckily, there was no adverse reaction on my face, but my chin and neck suffered from mild redness, which disappeared after a short while. With only one session, I didn't notice any obvious change on my skin, but it does feel very smooth and has a nice overall glow. I also experienced no other side effects afterward.

Dana's book deserves an excellent score because it's such an enjoyable read, and I've learned a lot from it. She speaks to you as an average consumer and explains many beauty myths and skincare questions with relatable examples and ideas. Her occasional humor also adds a fine touch to the book, and overall this is not just for beauty enthusiast but anyone who wants to learn the truth about cosmetics industry. As for the glycolic peel, it's a great way to achieve flawless skin effectively and inexpensively. However, it's not for everyone and certainly not me. It left my skin soft, silky smooth, and illuminated, but I can't deny the fact that I'm quite a cry baby when it comes to discomfort, especially on my face. But for the right person, this should be a powerful treatment. And my advice for anyone who wants to try chemical peel, even if you think you have tough skin, please do a patch test before, and for those with sensitive skin or special skin conditions, please consult with your dermatologist or physician first.

And onto the awesome giveaway. Thanks to Dana, one lucky winner (anywhere in the world) will get the chance to receive a copy of her book - The Skin Regime Boot Camp For Beautiful Skin as well as a sample facial peel. Giveaway ends at 12:00AM PST on May 5, 2012.
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  1. Interesting! I've never tried a chemical peel before, but this information was very intriguing.

  2. Kristen, chemical peel has definitely been really popular. I've seen a lot of bloggers talk about it. Personally, I've only used the milder versions (Philosophy and Peter Thomas Roth) before this. Those usually contain 10% or less acid, but this 30% is definitely quite strong for my skin.

  3. So interesting! I would love to try this. I suffer from melasma and though I am treating it with a topical cream, I am sure it would be more efficient after a thorough peel like this. I entered your giveaway, and I am following you both on facebook and bloglovin!

  4. Wow this was such an interesting post. I would love to read the book some time to gain more insight. I'm quite terrified at how your skin reacted after immediate contact.


  5. I'd like to try this!

    Wanna join my new
    Oasap giveaway?

  6. Hmm i've never done an glycolic peel, I wonder how my skin would react to something like this. Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!

  7. My skin isn't sensitive but then I tried a peeling cream and it was quite red and tingly after! Definitely recommend a patch test before applying to the face!

    Love Zoe x

  8. Nice! Love the results.. Very informative..
    Thnks for stopping by.. Do enter my latest international giveaway to win Mac Stereo Rose!

  9. Interesting product ^^

    恵美より ♥

  10. Thanks for entering Melissa. Since you are using a topical cream, I would highly recommend you to consult your physician first to make sure that a chemical peel will not react adversely with the cream and remember to do a batch test before using the peel.

  11. Louise, 30% is definitely quite potent because most of the chemical peel that you are purchase in a beauty supply store, ex: Sephora, has a dose of 10% or less. I expected at least some redness after the peel, and I've seen worse on other compared to the mild redness on my chin and neck. However, this could be more obvious on people with sensitive skin. Good luck, and if you win, I'm sure you'll love the book.

  12. Helen, glycolic peel is quite common these days as I've been seeing more ad more products out on the market. However, I would highly recommend you to do a batch test before trying one since you never know how your skin will react to the acid.

  13. Zoe, I completely agree with you. Redness and even more severe reactions don't just happen to sensitive skin. I have really touch skin and still got a bit of redness with the peel. A patch test is the way to go.

  14. Janet, I'm glad you like this post. If you are interested to know more about chemical peel, I would recommend The Skin Regime website. It has tons of information, especially regarding skincare and glycolic peel.

  15. Rebecca, have you read the book before? Personally, I find the book very informative and easy to read. I've learned quite a lot of peel and skincare treatment in general.

  16. Thanks Titi. I entered your giveaway too. I hope I'll be lucky!

  17. Thanks Emi. I adore your blog - so pink and lovely.

  18. I would really like to try this.. Also .. my fav colors are pink and green

  19. There are lots of proucts lioke this is available in the market but we should consult with our beautician first and then use the products recommended by your beauticians . Meladerm Cream Guide

  20. I loved you article and peels can enhance the skins appearance and can be done on the face, neck, or hands. Some of the benefits include are Reduce fine lines which crop around the eyes and even in the sidelines of the mouth. Treat wrinkles effectively which are usually caused due to sun damage and aging. Improve the appearance of your face which is riddled by mild scars. Treat different types of acne with the use of different types of peels. Reduce age spots, dark freckles, and ugly patches which occur due to pregnancy or due to excessive intake of birth control pills. Improve the countenance and overall look and feel. Remove sun damage marks after peeling


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